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Changes in Student-Athlete Compensation Rules

Recently, a federal bill was introduced known as the Collegiate Athlete Compensation Rights Act. If passed, athletes under amateurism rules can increase their economic rights and be paid for appearances and endorsements, including the use of their name, likeness, and image. A few states, including Florida, have already passed legislation to allow compensation for student-athletes.

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Time-Sharing and Family Law

When going through a paternity action or a divorce involving children it is required by family courts to establish a legal parenting plan. This plan will set all the rules applying to the children’s daily lives including custody, overnight responsibilities, healthcare, education, parent visitation schedules and the calculation of child support.

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Meghan Keane Promoted to Partner

Meghan Keane has been promoted to partner. She is the first organic, internal partner at the firm. Before joining Bitman O’Brien & Morat, Keane worked as a coverage attorney where she attended over 2,500 foreclosure hearings throughout Central Florida.

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Understanding and Protection from Sexual Cyberharassment (Revenge Porn)

It is becoming a common practice for persons to publish a sexually explicit image of another to Internet websites or to disseminate such an image through electronic means without the depicted person’s consent, contrary to the depicted person’s reasonable expectation of privacy, for no legitimate purpose, with the intent of causing substantial emotional distress to the depicted person.

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Bitman O’Brien & Morat Makes Top 100 Best Companies List

The annual Best Companies To Work For In Florida list is featured in the August issue of Florida Trend magazine. One hundred companies are ranked in small, medium and large employer categories.

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Online Notarizations: Efficient way to close real estate deals

This year, the State of Florida approved a law allowing Florida notaries to perform remote online notarizations. With the global pandemic stifling many legal processes including, closing in-bank services and real estate offices, the state’s timing may seem clairvoyant.

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