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Bitman O’Brien & Morat, PLLC provides practical, streamlined and cost-effective legal services and counseling throughout Florida
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Clients depend on the Bitman team to provide thoughtful and calculated recommendations, both on the legal and business fronts, and can expect unparalleled, approachable service.

We provide NIL, Name Image Likeness, legal services to high school, college and Olympic athletes nationwide. All other professional law practices areas are offered only in the state of Florida. The seasoned team at Influencer Counsel by Bitman Law is also here to advocate for influencers on all mediums and no matter how large the following.

The firm prides itself on customer service and practical guidance. Select practice area highlights include Business Law, Real Estate and Sports & Entertainment & Influencer Law.

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With offices in Orlando, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami, our team of forward-thinking attorneys offer an unwavering commitment to the best practical resolution and an unparalleled customer service approach. We aim to provide guidance and business-oriented solutions at affordable rates.

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Our firm’s foundation and innovative core values drive the team to provide the highest quality legal work to ensure client satisfaction. Our attorneys take immense pride in their craft, respect a work-life balance and insist on making each client a top priority to achieve their goals.

Influencer Counsel by Bitman Law

Influencer Counsel, an extension of Bitman Law, provides trusted counsel to influencers across all platforms, regardless of their following size. As the influencer industry grows, so does the risk of losing livelihoods due to unscrupulous third parties and exploitative platforms. Countless stories abound of influencers losing their following and revenue unjustly, often due to restrictive contracts that hinder creative freedom and potential endorsement deals. At Influencer Counsel, we safeguard influencers by reading the fine print and offering guidance to protect their interests and ensure their success in this competitive field.

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