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Sexual Cyberharassment

It is becoming a common practice for persons to publish sexually explicit images of another online or to disseminate through other electronic means. Under Florida statute sexual cyberharassment is the publication or dissemination of a sexually explicit photo or video, of a depicted person, without their consent. Plainly, the act of publishing or disseminating photos or videos without consent is a violation of one’s expectation of privacy, which may cause substantial emotional distress. With the help of a legal counselor, you may be able to recover damages as well as prevent any further publication or dissemination of photos or videos.

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Time-Sharing and Family Law

When going through a paternity action or a divorce involving children it is required by family courts to establish a legal parenting plan. This plan will set all the rules applying to the children’s daily lives including custody, overnight responsibilities, healthcare, education, parent visitation schedules and the calculation of child support.

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Kristen Crescenti Promoted To Partner

Kristen Crescenti has been promoted to partner. Crescenti has worked with Ronnie Bitman since graduating from law school, working as an associate attorney and managing the firm’s real estate department and facilitates residential and commercial transactions.

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