Managing Partner, Ronnie Bitman of Bitman O’Brien & Morat scored a major victory in federal bankruptcy court.

Plaintiffs, Vista Money, LLC and Vineet Katial, sought a determination that a $450,000.00 debt resulting from a Michigan state court judgment based on defamation, false light, and business interference is a non-dischargeable debt, saddling the debtor for life.

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Understanding and Protection from Sexual Cyberharassment (Revenge Porn)

It is becoming a common practice for persons to publish a sexually explicit image of another to Internet websites or to disseminate such an image through electronic means without the depicted person’s consent, contrary to the depicted person’s reasonable expectation of privacy, for no legitimate purpose, with the intent of causing substantial emotional distress to the depicted person.

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Navigating Construction Liens

Construction, and businesses supporting construction, were not generally affected by closure orders due to COVID-19. The construction industry is considered essential to the welfare of the state’s citizens, and continues to move forward. However, economic pressures brought on by the pandemic may cause first- and second-tier contractors to be less willing to wait for payment.

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Online Notarizations: Efficient way to close real estate deals

This year, the State of Florida approved a law allowing Florida notaries to perform remote online notarizations. With the global pandemic stifling many legal processes including, closing in-bank services and real estate offices, the state’s timing may seem clairvoyant.

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Appellate Court: City’s Vacation Rental Fines are Not Fine

The City of Miami Beach appears to have lost a major battle in its war on short-term rentals following a recent decision by Florida’s Third District Court of Appeals, which declares that the City’s excessive fine structure is illegal under Florida law.

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