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Starting a business brings with it many exciting prospects. Behind the scenes, there are critical aspects to consider to be successful in your business. These include proper entity formation, business contracts, employment agreements, and much more. Are you thinking of starting a small business in Orlando? Rely on the Orlando small business attorneys at Bitman, O’Brien & Morat, PLLC. We have the legal knowledge and practical experience to assist you every step of the way.

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Our small business attorneys carefully consider the most important details. This ensures your small business’s success in the following areas:

Entity Formation

The first step in creating a successful small business is coming up with the structure for your business. For example, do you want to form a partnership, limited liability company, or corporation? An attorney can assist you in setting up just the right business entity to meet your needs. Business entities to choose from include:

  • Sole Proprietorship: An unincorporated business owned and managed by a single person.
  • Partnership: A legal relationship between two or more people who share both management and profits from the business.
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC): A legally registered business entity. The owners do not assume liability for the debts or liabilities of the business.
  • S Corporation: A business entity that elects to pass its corporate income, losses, credits, and deductions to its shareholders to include on their tax forms.
  • C Corporation: A legal structure for a corporation in which the business entity is taxed separately from its owners

Business Contracts

Several factors come into play when entering into a small business partnership. For example, it’s important to write up a detailed contract to guide your business forward. Your business contract will also set the terms of how your business will operate. It’s best to consult with an Orlando small business attorney when you prepare a business contract. This will ensure that you properly draft the legal contract. You may amend the agreement later if you wish. An Orlando small business attorney can help you protect your interest when both drafting and amending a business contract.

Employment Agreements

An employment agreement is a binding contract between an employer and an employee. Employment agreements often consist of some or all of the following elements:

  • Title of Position Offered
  • Starting Date
  • Salary & Benefits
  • General Work Duties
  • Work Schedule
  • Performance Reviews
  • Protections on Confidential Information
  • Vacation Allotment
  • Noncompete Clause
  • Termination

An Orlando small business attorney can assist you in drafting an employment agreement that will protect your legal interests.

Purchasing/Selling a Business

The purchase or sale of a small business can often be a complex process. Whether you are considering purchasing or selling a small business, you should always consult an Orlando small business attorney. He or she can help you navigate your way through a variety of issues. These include the negotiation stage, letter of intent, purchase agreement, and closing. Without proper legal representation, you could expose yourself to unnecessary liability.

Contract Negotiations & Disputes

Contracts govern every aspect revolving around the world of small business. Therefore, it is essential for all parties involved in contract negotiations that they are done right. If you are a small business owner drafting a contract, you should consult an Orlando small business attorney. He or she will provide you with up-to-date legal advice and guidance. A small business attorney will also defend your interests in the event of a contract dispute.

Civil Litigation

Litigation involves the process of taking a case to court. Common types of civil litigation include:

  • Breach of Contract Issues
  • Employer/Employee Disputes
  • Intellectual Property Rights

It doesn’t matter if you are the plaintiff or the defendant in a civil litigation lawsuit. Either way, it is essential that you consult the advice of an Orlando small business attorney.

Commercial Lease Agreements

Many small business owners will have sign a commercial lease for the location of their business. This will be the case if it lies in a strip mall, office building, or major retail shopping center. Small business attorneys can not only review commercial leases, but also help negotiate the terms of the lease.

Non-Compete Agreements

Non-compete agreements serve to protect small businesses by restricting possible competition from former employees who leave to embark on similar business ventures. A legally bound agreement protects the employer. It restricts the employee from taking confidential information or clients with them upon leaving the business. Contact an Orlando small business attorney to assist in drafting or negotiating your non-compete agreement.

Commercial Transactions

Small business owners engage in a variety of commercial transactions daily with a multitude of parties such as:

  • Customers and Clients
  • Vendors
  • Suppliers
  • Subcontractors

Contracts lie at the heart of all these types of commercial transactions. An Orlando small business attorney can assist to ensure a smooth transaction in all these cases. In addition, he or she will protect your legal interests in the event of any disputes.

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The Orlando small business attorneys at Bitman O’Brien & Morat, PLLC, assist small business owners like you with all your legal needs. We help you meet your legal needs so you can achieve your business objectives. Our team of small business attorneys provide critical insight as you build and grow your small business.

To learn more or to consult with one of our qualified Orlando small business attorneys, please call us at 407-972-6993. We provide small business attorney services throughout Florida. We serve Florida with offices in Orlando, Miami, Tampa, and Fort Lauderdale. Our business law firm is here to help you establish the success of your small business.

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    A small business attorney can help you choose the correct business structure and provide you with important legal advice. If you are thinking of starting a small business in Florida, or if you have questions about employee, vendor, or customer relations, rely on our experienced team of small business attorneys to help guide you forward.

    Starting a small business involves making important business decisions and navigating through complex legal matters. A small business attorney provides the legal knowledge and experience to help you every step of the way as you start and run your small business. Whether it is assisting with employee issues, vendor and contractor agreements, suppliers, intellectual property protections, or otherwise, it is critical to have a small business attorney at your disposal.

    An employment agreement serves as a binding contract between an employer and an employee. It covers policies, procedures, rules and regulations during the length of the employment period. A typical employment agreement covers salary and benefits, general work duties, work schedule, vacation allotment and noncompete clause, among other elements.

    A detailed business contract will help guide your business forward. This can be an agreement with an employee, a vendor, or a contractor. These agreements can be complex, can bind your rights and obligations, and can be enforced by the courts. That’s why it’s important to consult with a small business attorney to help you properly prepare your business contract.

    One of the most important considerations when starting a small business is choosing the most appropriate business structure. The most common small business entities include sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs), S corporations and C corporations.

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