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Dealing with real estate is an extremely complex process. Every party involved has legal requirements, protections, and obligations. Any real estate matter easily becomes a high-stakes matter. This includes closing on a home, dealing with your HOA, and more. However, a Florida real estate attorney can help you. They’re knowledgeable about your legal rights, and they work in your best interest. Never navigate a real estate legal matter alone again.

Handle HOA and COA Matters with a Florida Real Estate Attorney

Homeowner and condo associations, or HOAs and COAs, exist all over the state of Florida. They’re a helpful and effective way to upkeep and care for common areas of communities. However, disputes often occur between the homeowners and the HOA. This may occur for a range of reasons such as:

Our team at Bitman O’Brien & Morat, PLLC understands these issues are often frustrating and challenging to maneuver alone. Let a Florida real estate attorney assist you in deciding your options as a homeowner when these challenges arise.

Our forward-thinking attorneys can help with a range of matters related to homeowner and condo associations. Here are some legal areas we can help you with:

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    Association Demands and Disputes

    HOAs and COAs commonly impose strict rules on residents in the form of a covenant. The intention is to protect property values, but people may see them as overbearing.

     If a resident defies any part of the covenant, this may lead to a dispute. That’s where your Florida real estate attorney comes in.

    Disputes may occur for any number of reasons and arguably range in severity. However, common disputes may relate to:

    If you receive notice of an association demand or dispute, reach out to a Florida real estate attorney. Speak with an attorney on our team about your need for legal representation.

    Pre-Suit Mediation

    In some instances, an HOA will opt for pre-suit mediation before filing a formal dispute. This gives you the chance to reach an agreement or settle before further legal action transpires. Pre-suit does not forfeit the right to sue, but it does attempt to resolve the issue first. It’s essential to work with a Florida real estate attorney during this process.

    Civil Litigation

    During these proceedings, there are no criminal charges or penalties on the table. However, this is a serious legal process with the potential for compensation or damages. Without a good Florida real estate attorney, you could pay serious fines. Our attorneys make every effort to achieve the best outcome for you.

    Trust a Florida Real Estate Attorney for Residential Real Estate Closings

    Bitman O’Brien & Morat, PLLC provides practical, streamlined, and cost-effective legal services and counseling throughout Florida. Clients depend on the Bitman team to provide thoughtful and careful advice, both on the legal and business fronts. Every client can expect unmatched, friendly service. The firm prides itself on our customer service and practical guidance.

    In partnership with First American Title Insurance Company, Bitman O’Brien & Morat offers competitive rates. We also offer comprehensive review, preparation, and management of your real estate closing documents by a skilled attorney.

    Interpretation of Declarations, Bylaws, and Articles of Incorporation

    We understand legal documents can be difficult to understand. That’s where a Florida real estate attorney comes in. Seek the legal expertise of one of our dedicated Florida attorneys. They can help you understand your HOA or COA’s covenant or similar documents.

    Why Hire a Florida Real Estate Attorney for Your Closing

    Purchasing a house is a huge deal in anyone’s life. There are large sums of money involved. You’re investing in a property you will likely live in for decades to come.

    It’s a high-stakes situation, and a Florida real estate attorney acts as your partner through it all.

    While you may feel like working with a real estate agent is enough, this is not always the case. The closing bonus waiting for them motivates a real estate agent. They’re just in it for the commission for them. They are not obligated to act in your best interest. In fact, they may represent both sides of the legal interests at stake.

    However, when you hire a Florida real estate attorney, this changes. Your Florida real estate attorney acts in your best interest. In fact, there is no incentive for them to act in any other way. Choose our dedicated attorneys committed to achieving the best results for you.

    Ensure your real estate closing process is smooth and benefits you. Avoid getting taken advantage of with the assistance of a Florida real estate attorney. They will do everything in their power to look out for your rights, interests, and protection.

    What a Florida Real Estate Attorney Does for You

    A real estate lawyer can assist with all kinds of property types and transactions. It’s critical for sellers and buyers alike to have a strong real estate attorney.

     Your Florida real estate attorney may make a major difference in your residential closing experience.

    Real estate attorneys carry a range of responsibilities. For a Florida real estate attorney, this may be to:

    Benefits for Hiring a Florida Real Estate Attorney When Closing on a House

    Real estate settlement is going digital to create a better closing experience while reducing risks for all parties. This change requires careful management to prevent a negative impact in multiple ways. Avoid hurting land ownership records and the mortgage finance engine driving our nation’s economy and personal wealth.

    In 2020, the state of Florida approved a law allowing Florida notaries to perform remote online notarizations. The global pandemic stifled many legal processes, including closing in-bank services and real estate offices. The new law helps to remove many of the current challenges of closing real estate transactions. It also helps simplify the notary process for other legally binding documents your Florida real estate attorney handles.

    The state will integrate this efficient technology into more than just this single important step in the transaction process. Online notary services will create a safe place to remotely:

    This removes the risks currently attached to meeting in person with your Florida real estate attorney. Talk to us about any questions you have about how this process could impact you.

    Why to Choose Bitman O’Brien & Morat as a Florida Real Estate Attorney

    Bitman O’Brien & Morat, PLLC, emphasizes the importance of customer service and practical guidance as everything we do is in your best interest. This is key when searching for a Florida real estate attorney. Our attorneys provide thoughtful advice to achieve the best outcome for you. Our foundation and innovative core values drive us to provide the highest quality legal work to ensure your satisfaction. Our forward-thinking attorneys take immense pride in their craft and respect a work-life balance. Every Florida real estate attorney on our team insists on prioritizing each client to achieve their goals. Real estate is a cornerstone focus of our premier law firm. Our attorneys bring decades of combined experience to build a team committed to your satisfaction. Our Florida real estate attorney team works under the leadership of managing partner and co-founder Ronnie Bitman. Many consider Bitman as one of Florida’s leading attorneys, and he’s earned a range of distinctions. This includes Florida Super Lawyers, Orlando Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 list, and more.

    Protect your best interests

    You’re likely not an expert on the latest legal requirements that come with purchasing a home. However, a Florida real estate attorney handles these matters all the time. Leave nothing to chance. You don’t want to fail to protect yourself when purchasing your home. Work with a Florida real estate attorney to spend more time enjoying your home and less time worrying about it.

    A Florida real estate attorney is your partner in success when you are closing on your home. While working with an attorney may feel like yet another expense, think again. You’re investing in a smoother closing process with your best interests in mind. Here are some of the benefits of working with a Florida real estate attorney.

    Get the Help You Need from a Florida Real Estate Attorney

    Work with a Florida real estate attorney who cares about your specific needs. If you need legal assistance, contact us at Bitman O’Brien & Morat today. One of our attorneys will review your request and connect with you soon.

    Bitman O’Brien & Morat proudly serves Florida with offices in most major cities. We have real estate attorney teams in Orlando, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami. Follow us @BitmanLawFirm on social channels to keep up to date with all of our latest news.

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      Many states require an attorney for real estate closing. However, the state of Florida does not require an attorney when for residential real estate closing. However, we recommend working with a Florida real estate attorney during closing to look out for your best interests.

      Hiring a Florida real estate attorney ensures you have an expert looking out and acting in your best interests. Real estate can be a complex, involved process with lots of documents and large amounts of money. Your attorney helps you understand your legal rights and protection.

      A Florida real estate attorney does many things for a buyer. Overall, their role is to protect them and act in their best interest. Specific services may include title searches, reviewing and managing documents, and tough discussions.

      A Florida real estate attorney is especially important for a seller. They can review contracts and discuss what each item means. Also, they help sellers protect their assets and make the best decisions.

      The cost of a Florida real estate attorney varies and may depend on an hourly rate or retainer. We strive to provide competitive hourly rates. Our quality of work and attention to detail creates cost-effective results.

      A Florida real estate attorney acts in your best interests regarding any real estate matters. They are a personal advocate for you and your best legal interests. An attorney can review documents, negotiate, explain your legal rights, and more.