Divorce Process

 If you have reached the point of choosing to undergo a divorce, your marriage has likely already failed. You may be stressed about a divorce’s impact on your children or extended family. Still, the truth is, a divorce is almost always best for children if it leads to them being raised by happy, separated parents than unhappily married parents. If you want your children to be happy in their own future marriages, one of the best gifts you can give them is the knowledge that they can leave an unhappy relationship. Even if you have decided to leave or your spouse has decided to divorce unilaterally, you may have many questions about the divorce process. The process in Florida can feel confusing, but it is actually relatively simple, and a knowledgeable Orlando divorce attorney can help you through it.

Filing for Divorce

One person will begin by filing the petition for divorce, which needs to be done in the county where the petitioner lives or the county where the couple last lived together. The other person then responds to the petition.

This is the point in the process when either party can request a restraining order, temporary spousal support, and other court actions. Your family lawyer in Orlando, Florida, can help you understand your options and clarify any questions about this stage of the process.

The other major paperwork step is discovery when you determine your joint and separate assets. This is simple for bank accounts but more complicated with real estate, pensions, business ownership, and other assets. An Orlando divorce lawyer can help you navigate this process as well.

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    Go to Mediation and/or Trial

    The two of you will need to come to an agreement regarding the division of your assets and debts, child custody, and child support. Most of the time, couples can do this in mediation. With the help of a mediator, the two parties will determine what each of them will walk away with.

    Usually, the two former spouses can come to an agreement themselves. Particularly in the case of the children, typically, both parents have their best interests at heart. When they do, they understand that it is valuable for their children to have a strong relationship with both parents.

    If they cannot come to an agreement, the divorce will go to trial. This trial will be in front of a judge, not a jury. Family lawyers in Orlando are experienced at presenting their clients’ cases in front of judges and can help you attain the results you are hoping for. The judge will hear both sides of the case and decide on the division of assets, custody, and child support.

    Finally, orders of dissolution will be drafted, and both parties will sign them. This paperwork will finalize the divorce.

    The process of obtaining a divorce is straightforward; however, it can be challenging when you are involved in the divorce. If you’re facing divorce in the central Florida area, give our family lawyers in Orlando a call.

    The cost for a family attorney can vary depending upon whether it is an hourly charge or a retainer. Call us to schedule a consultation.

    Family law includes divorce. Divorce attorneys can be family lawyers who deal with divorce cases, as well as other family legal issues. Divorce cases are usually handled by one person, who then hires a lawyer to represent them.

    It is important to contact a family lawyer as soon as you have family law concerns. A family attorney is your advocate and can ensure you are well represented, particularly in the case of litigation.

    Family law lawyers specialize in issues that affect families. These include adoption, paternity, divorce proceedings, and child custody.