Child Support

Every child deserves the support of both their parents. That’s why it’s important to agree on a child support amount that is fair for both parents and, most importantly, with the child’s best interests in mind. Whether you are looking to ensure you don’t get stuck paying more than your fair share or that your partner is paying theirs, a family lawyer in Orlando, Florida, can help.

Child Support

Child support payments exist because children deserve to have both parents involved in their lives unless extreme circumstances make this harmful or impossible.

Determining child support is an essential and intricate part of child custody proceedings. Child support payments don’t just make things fair between the two parties. They also aren’t necessarily because the custodial parent needs the money.

Parents should show their involvement not only by their presence but also by demonstrating responsibility, a part of this being child support. Because this is such an important issue when separating, family lawyers in Orlando make reaching a fair agreement a top priority. This means what’s best for both the financial situation of both spouses and the overall wellbeing of the child

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    Child Support Payment

    Determining the amount of child support to be paid is not always so clear. There are online calculators available for free, which can give you an estimate based on the combined monthly income of both parents, as well as the number of children, but other factors can impact the figure as well. The children’s health care costs, additional standard costs of living, the ages of the children, and other factors specific to each family can affect the amount of child support awarded. A child support lawyer in Orlando will know exactly how to examine these factors and determine an appropriate amount of child support that is fair for both parents and beneficial to the children.

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    Common Issues

    Common issues arise when the non-custodial parent unfairly reduces the amount of child support they have to pay or avoids paying child support entirely. If a parent is avoiding or missing child support payments, legal action can be taken to enforce the court’s decision. If this is a risk, child support payments can be taken directly out of the non-custodial parent’s wages and sent to the custodial parent.

    Once a timesharing arrangement has been determined, child support can also be determined. Child support can also change from time to time based on changes in circumstances. Child support is determined primarily from a statutory formula that considers the time spent with each parent along with each parents’ income and financial contributions to the children. Ordinarily, child support ends when a child reaches 18, graduates from high school, marries, is emancipated, or joins the armed forces.

    Child Support Enforcement

    Sometimes, a parent will intentionally find a lower-paying job or hide additional sources of income when divorce proceedings begin to pay less child support than they should. A good family lawyer in Orlando, Florida, will look out for this. They’ll help avoid any other problems and enforce proper and fair child support payments.

    For both parents and all children involved, it is important that a fair and appropriate child support agreement is made and properly enforced. Determining and enforcing child support payments can be stressful and difficult, but you don’t have to do it alone. Whether you’ll be paying or being paid child support, child custody lawyers in Orlando can help you agree on a fair amount and do what’s best for your children.

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    Divorce is simply a subset of family law. Therefore, a divorce attorney is a family law attorney who handles divorce cases, among other family law matters. In divorce matters, each party typically hires their own attorney to negotiate on their behalf.

    It is essential to involve a family law attorney early in the process when undergoing family law matters. A family law attorney will serve as your advocate and ensure you are well represented, especially if litigation become necessary.

    Family law attorneys specialize in issues that have an impact on families. These include divorce proceedings, paternity, child custody, child support and adoptions, among others.