Child Custody

One of the most important and complicated parts of divorce proceedings is the issue of child custody. When there aren’t minor children in the picture, divorce proceedings are typically as straightforward as dividing up assets and debts between the divorcees.

However, children aren’t just another asset that can be valued and divided between two people: they’re human beings at the most vulnerable stage in their lives. It’s vital that the children are well taken care of so they can grow into well-adjusted adults. A knowledgeable family lawyer in Orlando, Florida, is always ready to help you navigate these difficult proceedings.

Orlando Child Custody

In a divorce with minor children, custody is typically divided primarily to one parent and secondarily to the other. The parent with primary custody is referred to as the custodial parent. The parent with secondary custody is referred to as the non-custodial parent.

After custody and child support questions are resolved in divorce proceedings, another problem that may arise is the enforcement of these agreements. Family lawyers in Orlando can address an ex-partner that is violating the agreed-upon custody conditions or not paying the agreed-upon child support.

Mediation is always a good first step to correct any issues, but legal action can always be taken if necessary. Courts take child custody arrangements very seriously, so you will always have legal recourse available to ensure your child is properly taken care of by both parents.

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    Custodial and Non-Custodial parent

    The custodial parent will live with the child the most or all of the time. They are also responsible for the child’s care, education, and well-being. Traditionally, the mother was always chosen as the custodial parent, but this is no longer the case, as gender is not considered in these decisions. A child custody lawyer in Orlando will be able to help your family navigate the complicated process and ensure everything is handled in the child’s best interests.

    The non-custodial parent in a divorce will typically have visiting rights, but the child might also live with them sometimes, for example, every other weekend. The primary duty of the non-custodial parent is to pay child support to the custodial parent to compensate for the financial burden of caring for the child. The purpose of child support is not to punish the non-custodial parent but simply to ensure that the child is properly cared for by both parents, even after a divorce. The issue of child support and how much should be paid can be just as complicated as determining custody; however, a child support lawyer in Orlando can help ensure a fair and amicable agreement.


    If one of the parties plans to move further than 50 miles, the court will need to approve the request. This is called relocation. The decision about whether or not a parent or their children may move is based on several factors. If relocation is granted, a new parenting arrangement will be necessary. A Florida family attorney can help you navigate these issues, and fight for your rights – regardless of whether you are trying to relocate or oppose it.

    Figuring out child custody arrangements can be stressful and challenging but remember that the courts and your lawyers just want what’s best for you and your child. Assigning the custodial and non-custodial parents, determining child support, and legally enforcing these agreements are the highest priorities in a divorce proceeding. You want to make sure your child is well taken care of, and that’s what family lawyers in Orlando can help with.

    The cost of a family law attorney varies and may come in the form of an hourly rate or retainer. For more information, contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our family law attorneys.

    Divorce is simply a subset of family law. Therefore, a divorce attorney is a family law attorney who handles divorce cases, among other family law matters. In divorce matters, each party typically hires their own attorney to negotiate on their behalf.

    It is essential to involve a family law attorney early in the process when undergoing family law matters. A family law attorney will serve as your advocate and ensure you are well represented, especially if litigation become necessary.

    Family law attorneys specialize in issues that have an impact on families. These include divorce proceedings, paternity, child custody, child support and adoptions, among others.