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The Importance of Letting a Lawyer Review Your Influencer Collaboration Contracts

Influencers live and breathe social media; they live their lives in the public eye and broadcast just about anything and everything, giving followers a behind-the-scenes look at their day-to-day activities and personal lives with a smidgen of branded or endorsed content thrown in. Brands rely heavily on social influencers to create a buzz, endorse their product and bring attention to their events. Some companies partner with popular influencers for co-branded product launches and special edition merchandise. Social influencers are a huge part of today’s digital marketing strategies; many can make a sizeable income. Along with fame and fortune, influencers should be prepared to make critical business decisions, preferably with proper legal representation. 

With that being said, many influencers who are new to the game or may have very quickly gained popularity can be left floundering regarding contracts and proposals being sent their way. Influencers need to thoroughly understand everything outlined in the contract, no matter if they are just starting out or already have millions of followers.

Questions to ask yourself while reviewing your contract:

●      Am I being compensated fairly?

●      Is there an outline showing how much I will be paid for particular content (posts, stories, videos, etc.) and when I will be paid?

●      What are the required deliverables, expectations, and content due dates?

●      Which social media platforms will I be required to use?

●      Does the content need approval from the company or brand before posting?

●      Can I work with more than one brand at a time, and is there a non-compete in place?

●      Can the brand share my work on social media if proper credit is given?

●      Will I retain ownership of my work?

●      How long is my contract valid?

●      What happens if either party doesn’t live up to their end of the contract?

As you can see, the small intricacies of a contract can be incredibly overwhelming without the proper experience and legal knowledge. Even one small word or condition can completely derail what you thought was a solid contract and land you in hot water. Unfortunately, many influencers face the ramifications of a poorly written contract. These could have easily been avoided had they consulted a professional for review. Remember that when signing a contract, they rarely, if ever, exist to protect influencer interests and only serve to protect the company. 

Before potentially signing away your livelihood and protecting your influencer career, it would be in your best interest to contact an experienced lawyer. Contact Influencer Counsel by Bitman Law online for more information, or call our offices.

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